Close to you and your products, this is our value proposition

We are striving to be the most reliable Group to work with and more and more focused on the client thanks to our daily work quality. We desire to create more value and to grow constantly in terms of innovation and sustainability. This is much more than delivering the right packaging solution. It is our constant commitment to clients for their current and future needs of development. We don’t want to disappoint the expectations, we want to be always credible, present and measurable.

Customer Orientation

We know the needs and the expectations of our clients very well. We are able to sort out their problems satisfying their needs and showing all our commitment and attention in order to create a long term relationship.


Attention, health and safety on the working environment, are the approach we follow, to do all our activities. We believe in team working and the training to guarantee our clients a continuous research of the quality.

Product and Processes Innovation

The continuous innovation is our guide. We face the challenges launched by the market and our clients by the innovation and thanks to the dedication and the professionalism of our staff, we improve day by day.

Human resources improvement

People are our patrimony. We invest in their professional growing, increasing their competences following the company values. Our staff is skilled, sharing the know-how, work and win in team.


We guarantee our clients high flexibility. We adapt and transform our work, time and space organization to changeable and complex market conditions, competitions and daily economics. We rapidly and efficiently manage the emergences to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Research & Development

We work to go beyond the common packaging solutions and to look towards new sector’s horizons. The R&D and Marketing team with folding carton, corrugated cardboard, chemistry and marketing competences and skills has been created in order to merge into a single group the companies’ know-how, to give a 360° support to the clients and to transform requirements and needs into functional and innovative solutions.

Customer Care

This is an essential part of the service we offer: we co-operate with our clients to create a long term relationship. The Sales office of the Sada companies, day by day update the clients with care and professionalism.


We guarantee the deliveries all over Italy. Thanks to our personnel we load the trucks with high timeliness and we operate peculiar services such as the just in time.

Gruppo SADA

We are aware of the quick world changes as the needs and demands of the consumers change. Reliability, Timeliness, Quality and Service are the challenges we face every day.

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