Antonio Sada & figli, the historical company of Sada Group, presented its first Sustainability Report 2017 in December 2018. This is a work in which investors strongly believe, a path marked by ambitious objectives and promises. The company commits itself to halve its impact within 2030. In this Report the product is the result of a policy focused on people, on environment and on community. Sustainability is the common denominator and strategic factor for the development of the Group’s future activities.

The idea of ??implementing the sustainability report starts from the desire to make known the history and values ??of the Group, the impacts and the relevant aspects, to communicate in a transparent way the commitment, projects and results of policies for sustainable development, create value for the company and its stakeholders and adapt, voluntarily, to the main non-financial reporting standards.

These are the key points of a reality that makes environmental and social sustainability its strong point: promoting employee well-being, improving health and safety, promoting a responsible supply chain, reducing environmental impacts and water and energy consumption, increase customer satisfaction, promote social and economic development of the community. It is a great commitment to which all Employees are called to respond, collaborating ever more closely with each other, with suppliers, customers and the whole community. All together united to create a more responsible and sustainable packaging.