Our Future

The transparence, the reputation and the moral honesty are the ethic base of our plants.

Our People Are Our Wealth

We are a group made of people, real engine and vital element for the success of our plants. We improve and increase the patrimony and the competitiveness of the competences belonging to each resource. Learning and continuous training help to enrich the company wealth, as the professional as the human one.

We Work And Win In Team

We work in a serene and safe environment with commitment and passion. We are aware of the team job importance: to be part of a very close group, to interact and to effect themselves to reach a common goal. We command knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to face the challenges the future offers us.

The Quality Is Our Reputation

In a very competitive business such as the modern one, we guarantee and improve continuously the quality of our products. The satisfaction of the customers and of all the people involved is our aim goal. We sensitize the people to the quality culture and to the products hygiene, developing a collective and individual responsibility feeling. We train and inform our personnel in order to make it aware of the Food Quality and Safety impacts of its diary job. Everybody is involved in the goals sharing and in the strategy definition to reach them.

We Believe In The Research And Innovation

Research and innovation are the winning weapons to face the diary business evolution and the comprehension of our customers needs. The study, the continuous research and the innovation guarantee to the group’s plants to be always competitive on the market and the better service to our customers and the greatest satisfaction by the realization of high quality and added value products.

The Respect For The Environment And The Safety Guides Us In Our Job

We are aware of the importance to safeguard the Environment and we commit ourselves to guarantee that all our activities don’t impact negatively on the natural balances. We identify all the possible impacts of each product, activity and service on the Environment acting in order to protect the environmental integrity. We sensitize the people to the Environment culture, developing a collective and individual responsibility feeling. We promote training, information and sensitization enterprises aimed to increase the involvement of our personnel, making it aware of its diary job environmental impacts.

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