Sada Group has supported the realization of the master “Sustainable materials and technologies for polymeric and cellulosic packaging” organized by the University of Salerno in collaboration with Atif, the Italian Technical Association for Flexography. The first Master in Paper and Cardboard Packaging in Italy at the University of Salerno directed by Prof. Loredana Incarnato which will give specific knowledge and skills on the following aspects:

– study and development of polymeric materials and cellulose-based materials

– optimization of transformation and printing processes

– criteria for choosing the most appropriate areas of application

– technological requirements and compliance with EU and national regulations in relation to specific applications;

– strategies and technologies oriented to recycling and environmental sustainability of packaging and methodologies for the evaluation of the Life Cycle Assessment

– strategies for the innovation of materials and processes for packaging, in particular food processing

– design and technologies for integrated logistics of materials and systems for packaging