Antonio Sada & figli, the historical company of Sada Group, presented its first Sustainability Report 2017 in December 2018. This is a work in which investors strongly believe, a path marked by ambitious objectives and promises. The company commits itself to halve its impact within 2030. In this Report the product is the result of a policy focused on people, on environment and on community. Sustainability is the common denominator and strategic factor for the development of the Group’s future activities.

The idea of ??implementing the sustainability report starts from the desire to make known the history and values ??of the Group, the impacts and the relevant aspects, to communicate in a transparent way the commitment, projects and results of policies for sustainable development, create value for the company and its stakeholders and adapt, voluntarily, to the main non-financial reporting standards.

These are the key points of a reality that makes environmental and social sustainability its strong point: promoting employee well-being, improving health and safety, promoting a responsible supply chain, reducing environmental impacts and water and energy consumption, increase customer satisfaction, promote social and economic development of the community. It is a great commitment to which all Employees are called to respond, collaborating ever more closely with each other, with suppliers, customers and the whole community. All together united to create a more responsible and sustainable packaging.

On 30th of November, in the hall of the Polene of the Museum of Science and Technology of Milan, the XXVII edition of the Oscars of the Press took place. This event since 1987 (at the time the award was called “the Vedovella”) assigns a recognition to companies in the graphics industry that during the year have distinguished themselves for the quality of their work in a particular field. Ten awards to celebrate ten excellences in the world of the Italian press: companies that, having a more or less long history, have never ceased to look to the future and grow. The Sada Group has received an ambitious and  prestigious award: Industry 4.0 Printer of the year, which increasingly emphasizes the daily commitment that the Group infuses in producing quality products and the constant teamwork of its men who with their passion and tenacity, allow the Sada Group continues to excel on the market. The report for the awarding of this prize was made by SDA Bocconi and the Paper and Graphics Federation.

Antonio Sada & figli on the podium at Best in Flexo 2018 award in Bologna on 20th of November. This competition of national and European importance promoted by Atif, rewards the best flexo printers on different supports (flexible, paper and corrugated cardboard) evaluated by a jury of experts. Cart-One Salerno has competed in the categories ” flexo post print on coated corrugated cardboard” and ” flexo post print on corrugated kraft cardboard”. For both categories Cart-One Salerno won the 3rd place. The awarded works were: “Parmon Baby Soft” and “Ferrero – Kinder Spiderman”. Given the notoriety of the competition that is growing from year to year, the candidates were many and equally numerous works evaluated. Below is the link of all the awarded works, Cart-One Salerno’s one from 2:47 to 3:22.
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